EURO hanger bags

MOQ Non-printed bags 10000pcs. MOQ Printed bags 30000-50000pcs.

Printed up 10 colors. W: 40-800mm  L: 40-700mm  Thickness: 15-120my

Bag with self-adhesive tape or without.

Delivery time printed bags 4weeks.

Delivery time non-printed bags 1week.

EURO avaga kilepakend

Hoods and covers

Pealetõmmatava kattega saab kiiresti ja lihtsalt katta kaubaalustele laotud kaupu. Katted kaitsevad tolmu ja niiskuse eest ja UV-kaitsega katted võimaldavad hoida kaupu ka välitingimustes. Saadaval ka trükiga kattekiled ja nn. mütsid.

Doypack / flat and stand-up pouches

Doypack / flat and stand-up pouches Flat and stand-up pouches, using multi-layer laminates (transparent, coloured, metallized, with interlayer print). The main group of materials used for making pouches are first-grade laminates: polyester and polyethylene (PET/PE), polyester and polyethylene, metallized (PETmet/PE — silver/gold; PET/PETmet/PE), polyamide and polyethylene (OPA/PE), polypropylene and polyethylene (OPP/PE), polyester and polyethylene with…

Bubble film, -bags

We manufacture PE bubble film rolls up to 2m in width. With the help of various supplements we produce a UV stabilized, fireproof, antistatic film. Also we made laminate up to 9 layers with a foam PE film, paper, LDPE, HDPE films, aluminum foil or other materials. Supplied in rolls, sheets or perforated sheets roll.