Long handles are very suitable for carrying bag over Your shoulder. We offer varied colours and materials such as polyester, polypropylene, cotton, PVC. We can put eyelets on rope´s holes.

Eyelets are both stylish and functional – they reinforce handle holes. We offer metallic, white or coloured eyelets. Eyelets are more applicable for plastic luxury bags.

Lamination is common used surface finishing process, which adds luxury appearance to packagings. We offer gloss or mat lamination on paper, PP woven and plastic bags.

UV varnish is way to focus attention on Your products. We offer regular and relief UV varnish, as well as pearlescent (with pearl particles inside).

Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface. Although it is used to imitate gold/silver printing, we offer several other colours.

Embossing – we offer ribbed embossing on the paper bags. It gives ripple effect on bag´s surface. Other option is embossed logo or relief.

Printing inside bags – in some cases, especially for brand protection, You can add printing inside bags. This makes Your bag more unique.

Inkjet marking – You can add unique mark on Your bags with this option. Very usable for promotional codes, dates, barcodes, etc.

Tear-off coupon is configured with the rest of the bag for rapid production and easy detachment from the bag. The coupons are separable from the bag portion due to perforations.

Perforation – in many cases perforation can help Your customers to open the bags. It´s recommended for packaging and security bags. We offer perforations with different tearing effort.

Euro-slot punches will allow You to create the euro-slot chape in Your stock in order to display on a variety of hook and slot shape retail shelving.

Transparent pocket are commonly used for the insertion of waybill or consignment notes. The transparency making it possible for barcode scanning.