Plastrum – focused on printed carrier bags and adhesive tapes.

Plastrum asutati 2003. aastal pereettevõttena, mille äriideeks oli reklaamida kaubamärke kandekottide, pakketeipide ja pakkematerjalide abil.

Plastrum was founded in 2003, family owned and managed, with the business concept of marketing brands with the help of carrier bags, packaging tapes and packaging materials.

Today, we are one of the lead companies in the packaging and promotional market. In recent years, we have specialised in packaging tapes and carrier bags in the Estonian market, also we have clients from Finland, Sweden, Norway. Our goal is to always deliver environmentally-friendly products of the best possible price and quality. We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you. We can help you find short cuts to smart and cost-effective marketing. We guarantee that our customers can always enjoy competitive prices, a professional service, top quality, and flexible quantities.

All products, ordered by our company, can be delivered in terms of DAP – door delivery. Delivery time depend on the nature of each particular product.

Smart marketing

With us, your brand is the focus. Since 2003, we have sold, marketed and developed promotional products and packaging of the highest quality. With the right concept, material and printing, you can make your brand stick out on the market.

Get in touch and we’ll be glad to tell you more!

The environment at Plastrum

At Plastrum we want to be the obvious choice for customers who want more environmentally-adapted products. For us, this means that we try to get our suppliers to manufacture carrier bags and packaging tape with a small environmental impact. This also means that we try to make our own operation as environmentally-friendly as possible. At Plastrum, environmental work is not an extra piece of paper in a binder; it is something we work with daily. Since we always want to become better, we hope that you will contact us if you have suggestions about how we can be even greener!

Packaging tape, carrying bags and the environment

Currently, there are unfortunately no carrier bags or packaging tape that can be produced without any environmental impact. Therefore, we are doing what we can to place requirements on suppliers to develop products that are as environmentally-adapted as possible. Our selection includes packaging tape that is completely free from solvents, which results in no dangerous chemicals being emitted during combustion. We can also offer cloth bags in ecologically-grown cotton and carrier bags manufactured from 100% naturally bio-degradable plastic.

Quality at Plastrum

At Plastrum we focus on quality. This means that our customers can always feel secure in their cooperation with us. We cooperate with selected suppliers and our employees have specialist competence within Plastrum’s two business areas; carrier bags and packaging.

Plastrum’s Quality policy

– Through professional employees, Plastrum shall sell and market products with a level of quality that always meets the customer’s requirements and expectations.
– Through broad knowledge, continuous development, constant improvements, a high level of service and personal commitment, we shall ensure that we always have satisfied customers.

Packaging tape, carrier bags quality

A high level of quality in our carrier bags and packaging tape is vital. We have extensive experience in the industry and market a broad selection of high-quality products. With us as a partner, you get products adapted to your particular needs and always of the best possible quality.

Internal controls at Plastrum

High quality in our products is not the only reason that we have so many satisfied customers. Our employees get continuous training and have a high level of competence within their specialist areas. We think this is essential so that your cooperation with us will be characterised by knowledge and quality.