Turn Over Top Handle, Double Handle


We offer good choice of turn-over top handle bags (top of bag will be with 4-layer, 7-8cm turned over). This is old way for strong handle. Printed by SPOT (graphic, without halftones) or CMYK (photoprint). Materials: HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, Biodegradable (epi). We can print all surface (100%), without white stripes by sides, on top. Bags will be usually opened, without block. We offer minimal order started at 5000pcs. Price depends on quantity! Delivery time minimal 14days. Photoprinted bag delivery time will be 30days. We offer prices included transport, all EU countries (CPT). Personal payment conditions for every client. Photoprinted turn-over top handle bags maximal size 70×51+5cm (open bottom 10cm). Please ask Your special size anyway!