Paper Mailing Envelopes

Paper+Bubble envelopes/couriers/mailers made of kraft paper (brown, white FSC mix or coloured) + Aeropol, with lid and self-adhesive tape.  Sizes: 17×22,5+4cm – 100pcs/box, 20×27,5+4cm – 100pcs/box, 24×27,5+4cm – 100pcs/box, 29×37+4cm – 80pcs/box, 37×48+4cm – 50pcs/box.

The main purpose of courier envelopes with Aeropol is to protect easily injured and fragile shipments. They are made of coated brown paper, which is difficult to tear with polyethylene on the inside with air bubbles that protect shipments from impact and pressure.
They are completely opaque, so their contents remain hidden. They also have self-adhesive tape for easy closing. We offer digital printed envelopes MOQ 50pcs

Paper envelopes/couriers/mailers made of 170gsm FSC Mix paper

Sizes:  29×40+4cm – 150pcs/box, 32×45+4cm – 150pcs/box, 37×50+4cm – 150pcs/box

Extras: Perforation, double permanent sealing tape

We offer digital printed envelopes MOQ 50pcs


PE mailers – Single or Bi-Colour LDPE (White/Black) MOQ 5´000pcs

These bags are used for secure storage of important documents and parcels during transport. Courier bags made ​​of thick PE  or Bi-colour PE film with permanent tapes, a pocket for bill, serial number or bar-code. PE mailers are from Recycled 20, 40, 80% content material or pure virgine.
Possible size – Width 15-60cm / Height 20-60cm / Flap 3-6cm  You can ask your special size!
Thickness 30-70micron
Adhesive tape: resealable 12mm, 15mm or permanent and antistatic 20mm

Mailing envelopes SMART BAG

“Safely packed for shipping.“

Mailing envelopes – also known to many as ecological mailing bags, sealed bags, parcel alternatives or simply as large sealable bags. You can purchase high-quality and elegant mailing envelopes made of paper in various sizes and designs. From inexpensive standard variants to individualised special solutions, we offer you a wide selection of products. The ecological aspect is particularly important to us for all packaging.

In a nutshell: the ideal packaging for your next shipment.

SMART BAG (with return shipping option)

Smallest size: 20 x 15 cm
Largest size: 
72 x 52 cm
(from 38 cm height the SMART BAG must be folded)
Standard sizes:

  • 35 x 25 cm
  • 40 x 37 cm
  • 45 x 35 cm

(All sizes width x length)

Standard qualities:

  • brown kraft paper
  • wet-strength brown recycled paper


  • up to 2 colors inline (front side)
  • up to 3 colors inline (back side)
  • up to 8 colors in pre-printing


  • self-adhesive closure
  • additional self-adhesive closure (for return shipment)
  • tear strip with perforation


  • industrial sector
  • mail order business
  • drugstore area

MOQ: 10´000pcs

Special grades and sizes are available on request.



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