Plastic Bags, shopping bags

Plastic bags with or without printing

With or without handles

Extras: ribbons/cords, arm opening, reinforced arm opening, plastic bands, PVC pipe/handles, ribbons with logos

MOQ 5000pcs / Shopping bags with t-shirt handles or hand opening. Backpacks from 3000pcs.

Extra strong plastic bags: max. 100micr HDPE or max. 200micr LDPE

Materials we use: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Ecomater (compostable), Granilen-L, Degralen-L,M,H, D2W, Biodegradable material is not favored because it cannot be reused!

Use of recycled material: We add 20, 40, 80 or 80+ % to the composition. Material has sometimes a special smell and are not so clear as virgine!

Material tone: white, transparent / or 20 extra shades

Printing method: Flexo 10/10, CMYK

Dimensions: from 18/6x30cm to 50/12x70cm. Ask for more!

The offer will be made for you: Berni Valge Tel+3725140521

There are growing questions about recycled films and their quality. How clean is the color shade if the film is white? The tone is not as pure as the primary material, and it also has a certain peculiar smell. Before ordering packaging from recycled material, be sure to plan in advance. Is its transparency enough to surround your product and whether its kind of smell will not bother the end user later. This material is definitely not recommended for hygiene products, as well as body wash packaging. Recommend for the packaging of wood pellets and compost soil and other manufactured similar goods. It’s a sustainable choice! It would be good to have the corresponding information on the packaging from which it is made.

What we do for the environment: We harvest plastic materials for recycling and recycle, use rainwater + solar and wind energy. We will add this information to your packaging if its design allows!

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