Cotton Bags, Jute, Non-Woven PP + zipper, Backpacks


Shopping cotton bags: 22x26cm, 38x42cm, 38x42x8cm, 38x42x10cm

Backbag: 25x30cm, 35x40cm, 40x50cm, extra 9x10cm

With one rope: 15x20cm, 16x40cm

Material: 140-300g/m2

22 different tone of cotton

Print method (silk)/MOQ started at 30pcs

We always do our work with the utmost care, we pay special attention to quality from raw material procurement to printing. We are perfectionists in every way. Our goal is to build a long-term partnership, therefore we strive to find the most optimal solution for our partner even in case of possible complaints.  Before ordering, we will create a visualization, you can also request a sample to make sure of the quality. We are proud not only of our quality work, but also of the short production time, as we make the warehouse products in 2-3 working days + transport 5days.  We are very happy with all the feedback, even if it is not necessarily positive, because this way we can get even better and improve.


Non-Woven PP bags – with zipper, die cut handle, t-shirt handle, loop handle


W: 15-60cm

H: 15-60cm

B/G: 6-18cm

Screenpinted MOQ 200pcs

Flexoprinted MOQ 500pcs

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