Wrapping Papers, tissue, greaseproof, PE coated, kraft, FSC

“Everything is possible in the best quality”
Printing up to image printing is no challenge for us.
The same applies to the sizes – our cutting abilities are almost endlessly.

– Kraft papers white and brown
– Cellulose papers white and brown
– Illustration papers
– Recycling papers
– Grammages from 20g/m² to 60g/m²
– Flexoprinting up to 6 colors

Internalised Environmental Responsibility

Save energy with “Cogeneration of heat and power”, reduction of material using, perfection of internal logistics

Compostability in connection with biodegradable and recyclable raw-materials and suppliers, our papers are 100% compostable, colores are water based, short supply routes,
waste prevention, Co2 reduction, using of renewable resources.

So we exploit opportunities, everywhere we can influence directly.

In short, everything under the guideline „Rest, stabilize and at once help our ecosystem“.


Wrapping papers with or without printing

Paper or Coated paper: MG, MF, Geaseproof, PE coated … We have a very wide selection of packaging papers to offer! Silk papers 17gsm – 23gsm / Packaging: clothing, footwear, gifts

Printing method: Offset, Flexo, CMYK / Water base color “Aquagraf”

Min. order (logo or pattern printed silk paper): 250 sheets, sheet size 50x75cm  Ask other size too!

Min. order (Non printed silk paper): 120 sheets, format 50x75cm

All formats: 1/2 sheet – 50x76cm, 1/4 sheet – 38x50cm, 1/8 sheet – 25x38cm, 1/16 sheet – 19x25cm or special formats. Ask for more!

Delivery time (silk paper, sandwich wrapping paper): 7 days DHL courier


Fatproof papers KIT 45gsm + / Packaging: sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, cheeses, sausages (low fat). This paper protects against light moisture and fat!

Film-coated papers, typical burger wrapping paper = 21gsm white paper+9mikr PE film or 30gsm natur. brown paper+8mikr PE film. It is very thin paper, covered with PE film. Suitable for: burger, sandwich, wrap (protects against fat and sauces)

Multi-layer Duplex papers (paper with welded PE film) 60gsm Duplex paper + PE film Packaging: fresh meat or fish (extra strong paper). The film can be removed from the paper and sorted if you want!

All possible papers: – kraft (power paper), Re-kraft (recycled power paper), FSC or Mix, cellulose, compostable wrapping paper, satin paper, papers with FSC and BRC certificates, for contact with food and leather.

Printing method: Flexo / Water base color “Aquagraf”

MOQ 150kg

For example: format 25x38cm, 45gsm kraft +wet and flat resist / min. quantity of 30,000 sheets

Delivery time: 20-30 days with truck

Formats: 1/2 sheet – 50x76cm, 1/4 sheet – 38x50cm, 1/8 sheet – 25x38cm, 1/16 sheets – 19x25cm or special format, say, 25x25cm. Ask for more!

We can cut smaller sizes from 50 x 76 cm format, you can assemble different formats for one order. The minimum amount with 1-2 coloured prints is 250kg/you can divide into different formats, 3 colour printing 350kg, 4-colour printing 500kg, 5-colour print 1000kg, 6 colour printing 2000kg

Benefits of Different Types of Paper

Greaseproof Paper offers an excellent grease barrier and is ideal for food that’s not in contact with the paper for extended periods of time.

Bleached/ Brown Kraft is an uncoated paper that’s available in either white or brown and is popularly used to wrap non-greasy items or as a tray liner.

PE Coated Kraft Paper has a stronger moisture and grease barrier than greaseproof paper and is typically used across fast food outlets or as a tray liner or placemat due to its thicker, more durable nature.

Waxed Kraft Paper is widely used in delis/ farm shops for wrapping cheeses, cooked meats and sandwiches, it’s also a great item for interleaving cold meats to stop them from sticking. The wax coating provides a grease and moisture barrier, while the semi-transparency allows food items to be partially visible through the wrapping.

PE Coated Tissue or burger wrap is a thinner PE coated paper that is used extensively for the packaging of fast food.

Waxed Tissue is a similar thickness to PE coated tissue, but it is better used for patisserie and bakery products such as cake slices and doughnuts.

Foil Lined Paper is mainly used for wrapping hot foods like toasties and paninis or for greasy take-out food. The nature of this product makes it suitable for use in a hot display cabinet.

Duplex is kraft paper with a high density polythene liner, strip glued. This offers enhanced grease and moisture barrier properties that makes it ideal for use within delicatessens, butchers or fishmongers as the lining helps contain liquids and oils, ensuring no leakages.

Siliconised Greaseproof/Parchment is ideal for over use, as it is non-stick and can be re-used up to six times. This type of paper sheet is suitable for baking muffins, breads and pastries, it can also be frozen which makes it ideal for interleaving other frozen products.

Ask for an offer on printed wrapping paper: berni@plastrum.ee tel.: +3725140521 Mr. Berni Valge

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