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Your packaging can be identified immediately by using personalised packaging tapes. The personalised packaging tape also has great marketing advantages that distinguish your brand and increase its visibility. Attention will be paid to your business from the moment the cardboard box, pallet or envelope leaves your workplace until it reaches the customer. Personalised packaging tape can carry both important handling information and your trademark and can also act as an effective anti-counterfeiting measure. A package tape with a broken or resealed print is instantly identifiable. Printed packing tape can reduce the cost of cardboard boxes, you no longer need to store large stocks from different printed boxes. Instead, you can buy plain cardboard boxes of different sizes and use personalised packaging tape to identify them as belonging to your brand. Personalised packaging tape makes a good impression on your customers, emphasizing the professionalism and attitude of your company. Min. order

Pocket folded notch towel – size 33x40cm, 2-layer/box 8x125pcs=1000pcs. Individual printing from 10 boxes. Printed napkins, logo napkins. Print preparation for 18€. Delivery time up to 20 days. We offer a wide range of notch towels, dining base papers, cutlery pockets, etc. A wide range of colors. The shades are bright, bright, soft.

Isothermal laminated polypropylene bags are perfect for a picnic and can keep cold food and drinks chilled for up to 6 hours. These bags can be personalized with a promotional message! They are made of strong laminated polypropylene with the addition of insulation from polyethylene and metal foil. NEW! Isothermal bags suitable for any season. Keep your products fresh. Isothermal bag “Cold Reserve” Dimensions: 20 + 16/20cm Practical and comfortable size bag that can hold six aluminum jars with soft drink or beer. Isothermal bag “Polar Bear” Dimensions: 40 + 20/25cm Large size, can hold 5 two-liter bottles of beer. Internal and external aluminum barrier against heat radiation. It does not allow heat from the environment, as well as from the sun’s rays. Strong handles. Zipper with double slider. Stable and comfortable bottom.

We are pleased to present you with new printing technology – digital printing. Today we can offer you small quantities of printed paper packages, you can order from 50pcs. We print on different paper packaging with the quality of photo printing. The quality is similar to an inkjet printer, the inks are waterproof. There are restrictions on the printed surface. Initially, we offer printing on various paper bags and envelopes, Doypack® packaging, bubble paper envelopes, “Take-Away” machine-made paper bags. In the near future, we will also be offering boxes and other packaging. Digital printing is useful with a relatively small number of copies – from several hundred to several thousand. For larger quantities, we recommend offset or flexo or roto printing. In addition to small quantities, another advantage of digital printing is the fast production time, usually a few days. Transportation can take a week. We are awaiting your inquiries!

Packaging is an important component of any product. We strive to offer our customers new and innovative packaging. Paper bag with PLA window – Combinations of different materials are usually a recycling problem. But in this case, polylactose (PLA) is used for the window, which makes it 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are suitable for pastries, pasta, medicines and other products. They can be made of 40 g/m² of force paper, which is natural or white in colour. PAPTIC bags – made of new, innovative paper combining cellulose fibres and polylactose (PLA). This type of paper is very resistant to water. Fully made from renewable resources. It is recyclable and biodegradable. Standing packages with a window – Stand Up Pouches window – allow the customer to see the product placed without disturbing its freshness. Stand Up Pouches with aluminum foil – an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen, other aromas and