Pakketeip, personaalse trükiga pakketeip

Your packaging can be identified immediately by using personalised packaging tapes. The personalised packaging tape also has great marketing advantages that distinguish your brand and increase its visibility. Attention will be paid to your business from the moment the cardboard box, pallet or envelope leaves your workplace until it reaches the customer. Personalised packaging tape can carry both important handling information and your trademark and can also act as an effective anti-counterfeiting measure. A package tape with a broken or resealed print is instantly identifiable. Printed packing tape can reduce the cost of cardboard boxes, you no longer need to store large stocks from different printed boxes. Instead, you can buy plain cardboard boxes of different sizes and use personalised packaging tape to identify them as belonging to your brand. Personalised packaging tape makes a good impression on your customers, emphasizing the professionalism and attitude of your company. Min. order

As a leading manufacturer of paper, film and textile promotional bags, we have always strived to provide you with high-quality innovative products. Today we are pleased to present our latest developments in flexo printing technology, which makes our customers’ packaging even more vivid. Richly white print on brown paper or cardboard. The newly introduced technology allows you to print on natural paper bags and envelopes in white color, which is not cloudy or lean. This will not only increase aesthetic appeal, but also strengthen the environmental message that such products convey. Two levels of white color density: *Single-section printing – achieves a white density similar to that offered by our competitors. It is clear and suitable for most designs. *Double section printing – offers an extremely rich, lively white, which is so dense that it is almost indistinguishable from white paper. It is ideal for designs where you want to

Pasted valve bags A paper bag closed at both ends and featuring a valve/sleeve designed for high-speed filling. Customized to allow for optimal filling performance, handling, paletization, and storage. It is one of the most commonly used packaging solutions due to its strength, design flexibility, and wide variety of uses, It is optimal for loose materials ranging from powder to larger granular products. Valve bags deliver top performance wherever high-speed filling processes are used. Filling performance and protection properties can be optimised according to the customer’s needs. Valve bags can be equipped with PE-free film or PE-Inliners where enhanced moisture protection is needed. • White or brown kraft paper • 1 – 6 layers of paper (each 70-120 gsm) • Semi-extensible, semi-clupak, kraft, high-porosity, PE laminated paper types • HDPE insert between paper layers as an option ————————————————————— • Agriculture / Lawn&garden (feed and nutrition, fertilizers, pesticides & herbisides, seed,

Thermal insulation bags Due to the thermal insulation properties, the bags do not allow air to circulate, so the temperature of the product inside is maintained. These insulating packages help maintain the desired temperature for up to 6 hours. For maximum functionality, bags with a flap and adhesive tape. This ensures the thermal insulation protection of the products. Bags can also be made with a handle and adhesive tape. This makes it easy and comfortable to carry the bag, and the adhesive tape inside the bag seals it. Thermal insulation bags are fully recyclable. Also, the packaging does not need to be separated during sorting (unlike the example of a combination of paper and bubble wrap). • RAW MATERIALS: LDPE POLYETHYLENE, METALLIZED BOPP • THICKNESS [G/M2]: 35 – 100 • WIDTH [CM]: 10 – 80 • LENGTH [CM]: 30 – 60 • FLAPS [CM]: 5 – 10 • BOTTOM [CM]:

Automatic packing “Stretch” film The packaging film “Stretch” for equipment is usually used in semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrapping machines and lines, where fast work and modern cargo packing are required. Equipment packaging film “Stretch” is selected in accordance with the specification of the equipment and the characteristics of the product. Depending on whether it is a horizontal or vertical wrapping machine, whether a high winding speed or strong compression is required, etc. According to the technical characteristics, the following parameters of the equipment packaging film are selected: film thickness: from 9 to 35 microns; film extension (stretching): 100% – for standard semi-automatic equipment with mechanical or electromagnetic brakes; 150% – for semi-automatic machines with the possibility of stretching the film up to 150%, as well as in places where different and/ or sharp products need to be packed on the same pallet; 250% – high-power “Stretch” film is intended

Tarjoamme laajan valikoiman pakkausmateriaaleja: Pakkausteippejä, mainoskalvoja, pakkauspapereita, pakkauskalvoja, muovipusseja, paperikasseja, kangaskasseja, tarroja ja etikettejä, teollisia pakkauksia, aaltopahvilaatikoita ja kartonkirasioita, ruokarasioita ja -pakkauksia, verkkokaupan pakkauksia. Plastrum on erikoistunut painettuihin pakkauksiin ja pakkausteippeihin Plastrum perustettiin vuonna 2003. Suunnitelmamme oli käyttää hyväksi aiemmat kokemukset pakkausmateriaalimyynnin alalta ja tehdä kaikkemme, jotta mahdolliset asiakkaamme saavat parhaan katsauksen niistä pakkauksista, jotka heitä voisivat kiinnostaa. Luotettava kumppani monille valmistajille ja edustuksille, jotka vähänkin ovat pakkausten tai niihin liittyvän kanssa tekemisissä. Viime vuosina olemme erikoistuneet erityyppisin painatuksin varustettujen pakkausten ja pakkausmateriaalien myyntiin myös Viron ulkopuolella, kuten Latviassa, Liettuassa, Suomessa, Ruotsissa ja Norjassa. Tavoitteemme on tarjota ennen kaikkea ympäristöystävällisiä tuotteita parhaaseen hintaan ja laatuun. Haluamme olla mahdollisimman rehellisiä ja tarjota vakautta ja turvallisuuden tunnetta tuotteidemme tilaajille. Olemme nopeita ja nokkelia, tunnemme oman sektorimme parhaalla tavalla. Takaamme asiakkaillemme kilpailukykyiset hinnat, ammattitaitoiset palvelut sekä parhaan laadun. Nokkela markkinointi Teidän tuotteenne ja tavaramerkkinne pitää olla huomion keskipisteessä. Olemme vuodesta 2003 lähtien myyneet

Vi erbjuder ett brett utbud av förpackningsmaterial: Förpackningstejp, reklamfolier, omslagspapper, förpackningsfolie, plastpåsar, papperspåsar, tygpåsar, klistermärken och etiketter, industriförpackningar, wellpapplådor och kartonger, matlådor och livsmedelsförpackningar, e-handelsförpackningar. Plastrum är specialiserat på förpackningar med tryck och förpackningstejp Plastrum grundades 2003. Vår plan var att dra nytta av vår tidigare erfarenhet av förpackningsmaterial och göra allt för att säkerställa att våra potentiella kunder får det bästa utbudet av förpackningar som kan vara av intresse för dem. Pålitlig partner för många tillverkare och agenturer som sysslar med förpackningar och allt som hör till. Under dom senaste åren har vi specialiserat oss på att sälja olika typer av förpackningar med tryck och förpackningsmaterial även utanför Estlands gränser, till exempel till Lettland, Litauen, Finland, Sverige och Norge. Vårt mål är att i första hand erbjuda miljövänliga produkter av högsta kvalitet och till bästa pris. Vi är ärliga och erbjudar beställarna av våra produkter stabilitet och säkerhet. Vi

ENVELOPES ENVELOPES Security cardboard envelopes is an ideal choice for e-commerce companies that need extra protection for their products that they send. Our offer includes standard 85gsm FSC solid cardboard and extra-strong 140gsm FSC solid cardboard envelopes. Paper/bubble envelopes EXTRA strong are made of the highest quality opaque PE coated paper and filled with multilayer 60gsm PE bubble wrap to protect your shipment from damage and moisture as efficiently as possible. If necessary, is equipped with a special closing system (strong closure, lock hole and transparent adhesive strip). Classic paper/bubble envelopes is available in two colors (white and natural brown) and in ten standard sizes. Envelopes are also available with an opening bar with perforation for easier opening. At the edges of the envelopes there are strong welds for better keeping the package in shape and protecting it from deformation. FSC Certified Paper. Security envelopes are our best-selling products, for

PLASTIC BAGS, SHOPPING BAGS PLASTIC BAGS CARRIER/SHOPPING BAGS OR PLASTIC PACKAGING A plastic bag is a great tool to pack your company’s products or souvenirs in a presentable and sustainable way. A particularly elegant impression is made by handmade bags, which are reinforced with cardboard both at the top and at the bottom of the bag. To give a particularly striking impression, in addition to this, it is also possible, for example, to rivet the holes of the cord, add colored ribbons or cords. This means that these plastic bags suffer from enough weight. The plastic bag is also great for events, packing souvenirs in bags. In addition to the fact that plastic bags can be selected from several models, you can also order plastic bags with personal printing. Logos and other designs can be printed on machine-made plastic bags as well as on handmade plastic bags. Some additional options

CARDBOARD BOX CORRUGATED CARDBOARD BOXES AND FOLDING BOXES An exclusive cardboard box is a decorative product for those who want to stand out and emphasize the quality of their offer. Cardboard boxes are made in various shapes, sizes and colors. Each of them can be personalized boxes by adding a logo or graphics. Every project is unique to us and we take care of every detail. A cardboard box with a personal print or an exclusive gift box allows you to stand out and emphasize the image of the entire brand. Pack your takeaway and gourmet merchandise with stylishly printed fast food packaging boxes. These versatile boxes that are essential on a daily basis for fast food outlets, noodle bars, bakeries, salad bars, restaurants, sushi bars and self-service canteens. Cardboard boxes come in a variety of custom shapes and sizes to suit any restaurant. They are available with bespoke interiors,