Our company

Plastrum specializes in printed packaging and packing tapes

Plastrum was founded in 2003. Our plan was to take advantage of our past experience in the packaging sales area and to do everything possible to ensure that our potential customers got the best overview of packaging that they might be interested in.

Today, we have developed into a reliable partner for many manufacturers and agencies that are at all involved in packaging or the accompanying ones. In recent years, we have specialized in selling packaging and packaging materials with different types of printing outside Estonia’s borders, such as Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Our goal is primarily to offer environmentally friendly products at the best price and quality. We want to be as honest as possible and provide stability and security for our product customers. We are fast and smart, knowing our sector in the best way. We guarantee our customers competitive prices, professional services and the best quality.

All products you order will be delivered to the agreed address in accordance with the DAP Terms of Delivery. Delivery time depends on the nature of each particular product. As a rule, this is 30 days. Our good partners are DSV, UPS, DHL, DPD trucks or couriers.

Smart marketing

Your product and brand must be in the spotlight. Since 2003, we have been selling and developing premium quality product packaging. We use a variety of materials and printing techniques to distinguish your product packaging from others. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more!

Environment and Plastrum

Plastrum wants to be the only and self-evident choice for customers who prefer more environmentally friendly products. For us, this means that we are trying to ensure that the environmental impact generated by our suppliers in the production of packaging and packaging tapes is minimised. This also means that we are also making an effort to ensure that our own actions are as environmentally friendly as possible. Using rainwater, solar and wind energy in production! For us, environmental work is not just an additional piece of paper, but something we work on every day.

Packaging tape, shopping bags and environment

At the moment, unfortunately, there is no packaging that can be produced without having an impact on the environment. That is why we are doing everything in our power to impose requirements on suppliers to develop products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our product range includes packaging tape, which is completely solvent-free, thanks to which no hazardous chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere when they burn.

We also produce bags of ecologically grown cotton and plastic bags made of up to 100% recycled material. We are also engaged in the collection and reprocessing of renewable materials.

Plastrum and quality

The high quality of our packaging and packaging tapes is of paramount importance to us. Our clients have already understood this and are grateful to us and long-term partners today. We have extensive experience in our sector and offer a wide range of quality products. As our partner, you will be able to source products tailored to your needs and always of the best possible quality. This means that our customers can always feel confident when working with us. We only work with the best manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to you, our productions have been able to develop themselves and the result is satisfied customers.

The high quality of products is by no means the only reason why we have so many satisfied customers. Our employees are constantly receiving in-service training and have the appropriate knowledge of their special field. We consider it important that your cooperation with us is based on trust and quality.