Food Packaging DOYPACK, 3-side sealed flat bags, with or without zip

Kraft Paper Doypack with or without Aluminium

Materials: Kraft/PE, Kraft/PET/PE, Kraft/OPP, Kraft/PET/CPP, Kraft 40/ALU/PE, Matte OPP/ALU/PE, PET/ALU/PE

Print: Rotogravure, Flexo, Digital
Colour: Brown, White
Thickness: different thicknesses
Closure: Zip
Features: Easy-open tear notch
Printing MOQ: Available (Flexo MOQ 30´000pcs or Digital MOQ 50pcs)

Packaging for coffee and packaging for tea have to meet to a number of requirements in order that a product which is packed should keep its properties. Tea and coffee have strong aroma and at wrong storage the properties are quickly lost and smells absorb from environment.
Packaging for coffee and packaging for tea have to be:

  • hermetic – prevention passing and absorbing moisture;
  • durable;
  • practical – easy at opening and have opportunity hermetically to be closed;
  • convenient at transportation.

Packaging for coffee and packaging for tea which you can buy or order in Plastrum conforms to all these requirements. It is reached by the correct choosing of material for production of packaging for coffee and packaging for tea.
We make flexible rolled packaging and packages from multilayered materials on the basis of aluminum or the metalized lavsan which possess necessary barrier properties for packaging and for storage of tea and coffee. The composition of material can vary depending on your wishes. Our standard offer at a material choice for this type of production the following:
Flexible rolled packaging for tea and flexible rolled packaging for coffee made of such materials will keep all qualities of product.
We apply rotogravure print to get the perfect image on packaging for coffee and packaging for tea. Thanks to it you receive presentable, esthetic packaging which “will sell” your goods. It will make your trademark easily recognizable.
Having chosen a necessary type and size of package, you also can make the order for production of packages for tea and coffee in individual parameters.
For packaging for coffee and packaging for tea we offer following types of packages:
Stand up pouch (doypack). The economic, steady package for packing tea and coffee, for convenience and functionality it can be made with using additional options: fastener zip-lock, tear notch for easy opening that makes such package the most convenient in use and at further storage of coffee, degassing valve.
Gusset pouch. A traditional package for packing of coffee and tea. Under product weight square bottom is well formed that makes package steady. For convenience in use in such package can be used additional options – tear notch for easy opening and degassing valve.
Quad Seal Bag (Stabilo). The convenient package for packing of coffee and packing of tea. Such package has side folds without seal on the back side and becomes steady at filling. It is an alternative to gusset pouch. For convenience in use in such package there can be used additional options: tear notch for easy opening and degassing valve.


Packaging for spices, nuts has to possess special characteristics as spices at the wrong storage are inclined to fast loss of the qualities: aroma, taste, color.
In order the spices not to lose their properties for a long time, packaging for spices has to meet following requirements:

  • protection from moisture penetration;
  • protection fromt influence of environment: sunlight, air, smells, high temperature;
  • presentable look;
  • convenience in using.

We make flexible rolled packaging for spices and packages for spices on the basis of metallized multilayered materials. We make packaging for spices of such materials:
Kraft paper/VMPET/PE
You can make your order for individual production of packaging for spices.
Stand up pouch is the most popular for packing of spices.
Stand up pouch for spices is convenient, tight even after opening using a fastener a zipper (it allows repeatable closing of packaging for spices), has a steady bottom and it is an economic type of packaging for spices.
Packaging for nuts has to correspond to storage conditions of nuts and possess such qualities:

  • high barrier properties;
  • tightness;
  • fats resistance;
  • resistance to moisture penetration;
  • high durability;
  • high resistance to a puncture.

We make flexible rolled packaging for nuts and it is also possible to buy standard packages for packing of nuts and by the individual order.
At production of rolled packaging for nuts and bags for nuts we recommend to use such composition of material:
You can buy standard packages for nuts and also we can make packages for nuts by your order.
Stand up pouch is good for packing of nuts. It is an economic type of a package with a steady bottom. For nuts we offer to make this type of a package with a transparent side. Using of additional options makes such package more functional: tear notch for easy opening, a zipper and euro slot.
Gusset – a package for packing of nuts with side folds, the central seal on back side of a package and a steady bottom which is formed under product weight.
Quad Seal Bag (Stabilo) – a standing package for packing of nuts with sealed side boards and a bottom seal. In such package as both folds can be transparent as one of the sides of a package.


Packaging for snacks (chips, croutons, crackers, popcorn etc.) has to respond a number of requirements as these products have low moisture content, a high fat content, are sensitive to foreign smells.
Packaging of snacks has to:

  • to protect a product from influence of environment (a sunlight, getting of moisture or air);
  • to be strong, elastic, resistant to mechanical damages;
  • to hold fat inside, prevent it to filter outside;
  • to have attractive look.

At production of packaging for snacks we use multilayered materials on the basis of the metallized films which respond to all requirements necessary for packing of snacks.
We make flexible rolled packaging for snacks and packages for snacks with applying rotogravure printing press on them. It is also possible to buy standard packages.
For packing of snacks we offer such composition of materials such:
For packing of snacks we offer such types of packages: stand up pouch, gusset.
Stand up pouch is an excellent packaging for snacks. Such package has a steady bottom that is convenient at placement and storage of goods. Using of additional options (a fastener a zip-lock and a tear notch) in combination with correctly chosen material makes such package for snacks tight and also convenient in using and at storage.
Gusset is a classical packaging for snacks with side folds. Under product weight in such package the square bottom that makes it steady is well formed and for convenience in use there is an additional option – a tear notch can be applied for easy opening.


Packaging for ketchup and packaging for mayonnaise has to possess such properties:

  • resistance to influence of aggressive components which are used for producing sauces and mayonnaise (lemon and acetic acid, vegetable oil, fat);
  • high barrier properties;
  • durability;
  • functionality;
  • resistance to moisture influence, fat, temperature variations;
  • keeping a form during at pressing or compression.

For packing of sauces and packing of mayonnaise we offer flexible rolled packaging and packages for sauces, packages for mayonnaise by the individual order.
Rolled packaging and packages for sauce, we make packages for mayonnaise with an applying of your design by method of rotogravure printing press or without the press.
For production of packaging for sauces, packaging for mayonnaise we use multilayered material on the basis of aluminum foil. Composition of material consists of:
PET/PE white
The stand up pouch is the most convenient for packing of sauce, packing of mayonnaise. It has a convenient, steady form. Using of additional options – the plastic spout and the twisting cap makes packaging for mayonnaise and packaging for sauce more functional and tight.


Packaging for frozen products (meat, meat products, semi-finished products from a poultry, seafood, vegetables, mixed vegetables, mushrooms, French fries, fruit, berries, pizza, dough, ‘Pelmeni’, ‘Vareniki’) has to correspondent a number of requirements:

  • to maintain not only the subzero temperature but also other “extreme” conditions;
  • to remain complete even if the product falls from big height or undergoes mechanical influence;
  • to be tight that will allow to keep the necessary temperature inside the package even if cold is terminated for a while and also to protect production from getting of moisture or foreign subjects;
  • to be convenient during the transporting, storage, opening.

We make flexible rolled packaging for the frozen products from multilayered materials which have following composition:
Rolled packaging for frozen products can be made taking into account the customer’s wishes and have bright attractive design. We apply rotogravure printing press on packaging for frozen products and we receive high quality of the image that makes packaging for the frozen products presentable.


Packaging products for animals

Packaging is a very important component on sale of goods for animals. Sales level of this type of production depends on functionality of packaging for animal forage, its appeal and convenience. Packaging for animal forage has to meet the following requirements:

– high barrier properties;
– high durability of packings;
– puncture-durable;
– excellent tightness;
– greaseproofness;
– economic
We produce flexible rolled materials and packages from multilayered materials for packaging for animal forage. It is possible to add the metalized film layer to their structure:

We offer to put rotogravure printing press of high-quality on your packaging to make your goods memorable and differed from competitors.
Stand up pouch (doypack) is the most popular, presentable and convenient packaging for packing goods for animals. Such type of package can be made for different weight of production and there can be additional options – tear notch for easy opening and fastener zip-lock that helps to close package hermetically at storage even after opening the package.


You can purchase flexible rolled packaging from two or three-layer composite materials with or without rotogravure printing press, and also materials with aluminum foil and kraft paper. We reach faultless appearance of packaging thanks to image made by rotogravure printing.
Rotogravure printing has a number of advantages:

  1. High printing speed which is reached at the expense of quickly fixed paints on the basis of flying solvents and lack of gaps (seams, splices) on the printing form surface.
  2. Low prime cost, especially when you work with big circulations.
  3. Perfect repeatability of images both within one circulation and at reprints.
  4. Accuracy of transfer of monochromatic and polichromatic images, and also tone transitions.
  5. Circulation firmness of printing forms that is able to carry out some million prints without equipment restart.
  6. Printing technology is very simple that provides stability of high quality.
  7. Opportunity to produce matte and glossy surfaces.
  8. Unlimited chromaticity, saturation and brightness of the image.

We also offer our clients ready packages:

  1. you can always make your order for stand up pouches (doy-pack) and gussets of standard sizes and in standard color scale. They can be with additional options: degasing valve, tear notch, zip-lock fastener.
  2. To order ready packages for automatic or semi-automatic packing in individual parameters you can send e-mail:
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