Corrugated cardbox, cardboard box …

Corrugated cardbox, cardboard box …

An exclusive cardboard box is a decorative product for those who want to stand out and emphasize the quality of their offer. Cardboard boxes are made in various shapes, sizes and colors. Each of them can be personalized boxes by adding a logo or graphics. Every project is unique to us and we take care of every detail. A cardboard box with a personal print or an exclusive gift box allows you to stand out and emphasize the image of the entire brand. Pack your takeaway and gourmet merchandise with stylishly printed fast food packaging boxes. These versatile boxes that are essential on a daily basis for fast food outlets, noodle bars, bakeries, salad bars, restaurants, sushi bars and self-service canteens.

Cardboard boxes come in a variety of custom shapes and sizes to suit any restaurant. They are available with bespoke interiors, such as greaseproof liners to carry both hot and cold food, and come with a variety of closing options. There is nothing more exciting than removing the lid from a luxurious gift box. With our custom gift boxes, you can share this excitement with existing customers while encouraging new target markets to figure out what’s inside. It is the ultimate marketing tool for luxury companies that want to stand out.


It is a popular packaging solution for toys, skin care products, technical accessories, confectionery, gift ware utensils, electronics, luxury accessories and bakery products. The boxes are visually appealing, with a transparent window that clearly shows the contents inside, and they encourage customers to be more likely to buy by removing any doubts that a closed box can cause. These boxes are ideal for packaging takeaway food on high-traffic streets, and when tailored to your brand and artwork, they ensure your products shine.

Pack your culinary creations with stylishly printed pastry boxes and cake boxes. Custom-made bakery boxes push the boundaries of packaging design with transparent windows, luxurious handles and ribbons, and bespoke artwork created using modern printing techniques. Spot UV varnish, hot foil stamping, embossed, both matte and glossy lamination are available. We offer custom shapes and a variety of sizes to complement every product, from cake slice boxes to bumper donuts boxes and everything in between.

Create a lasting first impression with luxurious post boxes. Our custom-made mailing boxes, shipping boxes (SENDBOX FEFCO 427) complement exclusive products such as tech gadgets and electronics, jewelry, designer clothing and footwear, gift items, cosmetics and beauty products, and luxury home accessories. These boxes can be used to safely pack almost any item, knowing that your products will arrive safely and stylishly. FSC® certified cardboard boxes. A smart choice for eco-friendly brands, this cardboard box is made of 100% recyclable corrugated board and is designed to provide excellent protection while promoting your products and services during transit. It’s essential packaging for online sellers, ideal for shipping apparel, cosmetics, skin care products, gift waddles, technical gadgets, and home accessories.

Type of material – corrugated cardboard: E, B, C, BC, BE (material thickness: 1.5-20 mm !!)
When converting text or other small vector elements into a bitmap, we recommend a resolution of at least 600 dpi.
Maximum print width (graphic theme): 1200 mm x maximum print length (graphic theme): 2400 mm
Maximum format width: 1800 mm x 2400 mm
Colors available: CMYK
Recommended PDF format – vector graphics
Other acceptable file formats: AI, EPS, TIFF, JPG, BMP, PSD (images should be embedded)
Bitmaps (photos) should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
Black and white graphics should be saved in grayscale mode (it means – contain only black color).
The minimum font size is 8 pt, the minimum permissible line width is 0.3 mm
cardboard packaging for the e-commerce industry.

The main advantages:

Adhesive strips – for quick and secure sealing of the packaging
Tear strip – allows box to be opened
Reinforced cardboard base – prevents goods from slipping during

Sendbox Type F703 Mailer boxes with an automatic bottom are

particularly popular packaging in the clothing industry, where security

and aesthetics of shipping play an important role.

The main advantages:

Adhesive strips – for quick and secure sealing of the packaging
Tear strip – allows box to be opened
automatic bottom – fast folding
space-saving – when opened, the boxes take up little space
Large boxes are boxes which, thanks to 5-layer cardboard and a

minimum weight of 540g / m2, are suitable for the transport of large

and heavy products.

Heavy cardboard boxes are the most frequently chosen boxes for

packing household appliances and audio / video devices, furniture

and furniture accessories as well as automotive and construction


The most important advantages:

durable 5-layer cardboard
basis weight from 540g / m2
simple and quick folding – thanks to their design they allow easy
folding with little time expenditure

protection of shipped items against damage
Our o_er includes cardboard boxes in the most popular sizes and

varieties. We can also prepare large boxes according to individual


Printed boxes are the perfect solution for everyone – Online store

owners, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Printing on the boxes is an excellent form of advertising and a

guarantee for the customer that the shipment came from you.

The main advantages:

the possibility of printing in small series
no costs for “adjusting” the machine
printing possible within 5 days
the perfect solution for production of seasonal packaging,

possibility of printing on corrugated cardboard: from 1 wave (E)
to 2 waves (BC)

This technology is perfect for:

Manufacture of displays and cardboard stands
Corrugated POS materials
Gift Boxes
Promotional Products
Sample displays
Decorative shipping boxes
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