Cotton bags

Cotton bags

Cotton is a soft natural fiber derived from the seed capsule of a cotton plant, a shrub native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including the Americas, India, and Africa. Cotton is still the most wonderful fiber under the sun, even after 8000 years. No other fiber is close to duplicating all the desirable properties along with cotton. With a thousand facial fibers and almost as many uses, cotton is known for its versatility, appearance, performance and, above all, natural comfort. Fibers are most often boiled into yarn or thread to make soft, breathable textiles, which are the most widely used natural fiber fabric in clothing today. Cotton is both biodegradable and recyclable.

Personal printed cotton bag is a great way to promote your business! Increasing consumer environmental awareness means they make informed decisions and choose companies that want to reduce their ecological footprint. All our cotton bags are made of certified cotton that meets OEKO-TEX standards. This means that the cotton used to create our bags is free of any processing chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, such as those used in typical cotton. They are all biodegradable, so you can be sure that they will not sit in a landfill.

By choosing well-designed ecological printed cotton bags, you will benefit from being a company that promotes ecological values in the eyes of customers. By using the highest quality materials for our products, we guarantee that your customers will use cloth bags with your advertising for years to come. Isn’t that perfect advertising?

All our products are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. Our cloth bags are perfect for your current and potential customers. Our customer-centric team ensures that your cloth bag is unique and meets all your business needs.

Raw fabrics are available in natural colors. The color gamut depends on the yarn. Please note that since we specialize in custom-made cloth bags, we do not store them in our warehouse and are able to provide samples of products that we have recently manufactured for other customers.

Silkscreen printing uses two types of ink: water-based ink and plastisol. Plastisols offer bright and very saturated colors, and due to their increased density, you can’t really see through them. Our color range includes almost every Pantone color, including gold and silver and selected neon colors. We are able to transfer large 49 x 49 cm designs or small ones are 2 mm individual lines to the fabric. The maximum number of colors in one design that we can print is 10 colors on natural or white fabric and up to 8 Pantone colors on colored fabric.

100% Cotton shopping bags, with short or long handles

Sizes/min. quantities:

Natural (unprinted) fabric bag MOQ 10-20pcs

White or black (unprinted) fabric bag MOQ 50pcs

Colour (unprinted) fabric bag MOQ 100pcs

Shopping bags: 22x26cm, 38x42cm, 38x42x8cm, 38x42x10cm

Backpacks, with cords: 9x10cm, 25x30cm, 35x40cm, 40x50cm

Corded “mouth closed” cloth bag: 15x20cm, 16x40cm

Fabrics 120-300g/m2

22 different shades of cotton textiles

Printing method: Screen printing

Printed bags from 30pcs (delivery 7-10days)

We always do our work with the utmost care, we pay special attention to quality from sourcing raw materials to printing. We are perfectionists in every way. Our goal is to build a long-term partnership, which is why we try to find the most optimal solution for our partner even in case of possible complaints. Before ordering, we will create a work schedule, you can also apply for a sample batch to ensure quality and gain confidence. We are proud not only of our high-quality work, but also of the short production time, because we deliver warehouse products within 7-10 working days. We are very satisfied with all the feedback, even if it is not necessarily positive, because this way we can get even better and better.


Non-woven PP carrier bags – with handles, arm opening, maika handles, backpacks, welded seams

from 200pcs silkscreen printing

from 500pcs flexo printing


Width – 15-60cm

Height – 15-60cm

Side – 6-18cm

With or without a zipper. Handicraft. A large selection of different locks and rivets …

Materials Non-Woven PP: 75, 100g/m2

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