Custom printed food packaging

Custom printed food packaging

Plastic packaging for automatic packaging. Quantity from 10’000pcs.

Packages are equipped with plastic clamps that keep them in bunch. The packages have a perforation valve. Thanks to the perforation on the package flap, you can separate the package from the bunch and direct the package with the product to the next stage, for which special dated clamps or 9mm packing tape. Packaging is very common among the bread industry, where either automatic or semi-automatic product packaging takes place.

Print up to 10 colors.

Delivery time 30 days.

We also have warehouse products that are without printing.

We use films of different thicknesses and compositions as materials: basic LDPE, PP, … and their combination. The films are either single or multi-layer. For a single-layer film, the print is applied to its surface. For a multi-layer film, the print is applied under the top layer. In this case, the print and the rest of the package will remain with a uniform sheen. As the last layer, we can cover the package with different varnishes. Varnishes: matte, glossy or “paper touch”- varnish leaves a slightly rough surface. We can apply varnish either over the surface or in special places, this gives us the opportunity to bring out different details in the design of the package. For example, on the package where is a photo with washed potatoes, the part of the photo can be left with gloss, and the rest of the area can be covered with matte varnity. The image of the product with a gloss remains clearly distinguished.
Vacuum packaging
Vacuum packs are multi-layered, having different barriers to smell, taste, etc. The simplest are with 2-3 layers, which we can also call vacuum packs, but their properties are often not the best. The main vacuum packs are with 9-layer. Welded on three sides 6-8mm wide. Incisions for easier packaging opening. Combined with metallized films or paper. Materjalid: PET/PE, OPP/PE, OPP/PE EVOH, PA/PE, Paper/PE and their combination
Quantity from: 30 ́000pcs (printed vacuum packs).

Also, ask for packages without print, of different sizes (warehouse products). Delivery time on printed vacuum packs orient. 30 days.
Plastic packaging for different purposes (for packaging food or industrial goods) also Antistatic ESD foil or bubble bags

Films: OPP, BOPP, CPP, MetPET, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Recycled PE 20, 40, 80% or 80+%, compostable, multi-layered/multi-colored, laminated, bubble wraps, foam films …

Extras: mini-grip closure, slider closure, glue strip, with vent. openings, document pocket, hanging with hook, EURO hanging with opening, ESD antistatic foil bags, bubble bags …

Print up to 10 colors. Quantities (printed) from 10’000pcs.

Ask for a personal offer and different quantities! Delivery time on printed plastic packaging orient. 30 days. Different solutions for both payment and transportation. Transport is generally arranged by the manufacturer (DAP) in order to avoid any additional costs.