Custom printed paper bags

Custom printed paper bags

PAPER BAGS / Shopping bags

Paper bags are an excellent tool for packing your company’s products or souvenirs in a presentable and sustainable way. A particularly elegant impression is made by handmade bags, which are reinforced with cardboard both at the top and at the bottom of the bag. In order to give a particularly striking impression, in addition to this, it is also possible, for example, to rivet the holes in the cord. An equally good choice, of course, is a machine-made paper bag made of brown or white kraft paper. This means that these paper bags suffer from enough weight.

Paper bags are also great for packing souvenirs in bags for events. In addition to the fact that paper bags can be selected in several variations, you can also order paper bags with personal printing. Logos and other designs can be printed on both machine-made paper bags and handmade bags. Some additional options for paper bags are: matte or glossy lamination, ribbons of different shades and widths and cords, etc. A paper bag is great for selling takeaway food to food outlets, for example.

Today it is popular to purchase a paper bag instead of a plastic bag. This is not only with the aim of being environmentally friendly, but it also largely shows customers the company’s values, whether and how much they care about being as sustainable as possible in their business. In addition to being made from renewable natural resources, paper is also easy to recycle and does not remain in nature for hundreds of years, such as plastic bags. Since the paper used in Plastrum and used in the manufacture of the bags is also FSC certified, you can rest assured that our paper is made in a completely sustainable way. In addition, a paper bag often looks more elegant and luxurious than a plastic bag.

Paper bags can be ordered in different sizes, depending on whether the bags are needed to pack tiny things like jewelry, or in larger sizes, such as a TAKE AWAY paper bag. A large selection guarantees that the paper bag that best suits your company or event can be found in Plastrum. Don’t wait any longer, order a personal printed paper bag that offers the customer a memorable experience. Write to us today and together we will find the most suitable option for you!

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Machine produced paper bags: twisted or flat paper handles, cords, ribbons, hand openings, without handles. J-CUT – the upper part of the bag is turned back, the handle attachment is hidden. A paper bag produced by an ordinary machine has a sharp edge, and the handles are glued in with a separate paper place. A little safer and more distinctive than the rest is the J-CUT, or paper bag, which has a reverse upper edge and no fastening of the handles is visible.

Materials: White/Brown kraft paper 70-130gsm, FSC certified paper, Paptic 110gsm

Printing method/quantity: Flexo printing from 2500pcs special order, digital printing from 50pcs (for warehouse products)

Extras: Matte or gloss laminated, printed in a bag, colored handles

Dimensions: largest base is 33cm(PIZZA)


Handles: cords, ribbons (+logo printing), hand openings A standard handmade paper bag has a reverse top edge. The reinforcements are cardboard, both at the top and at the bottom of the bag. The handles are cords or ribbons that are tied either in a knot or glued. Large selection of different materials and shades!

Materials: White/Brown/Black, 170-300gsm, FSC certified paper

Printing method/quantity: Offset from 500pcs special order, digital printing from 50pcs (for warehouse products)

Extras: Matte or glossy lamination, printing in a bag, double ribbons, textile lock, hot/relief printing (Silver, gold), embossed printing, riveting of string openings.

It takes: 50 – 1,000 pcs: 7 days

2.000 – 10,000 pcs: 2 weeks

10,000 pcs and more: 3-4 weeks and more

Delivery time/transport: 8-14 days Express Air: TNT or DHL needs 2-3 working days

Ask for an offer: Tel +3725140521 Berni Valge