Envelopes, mailers, bags with sealing tape

Envelopes, mailers, bags with sealing tape


Security cardboard envelopes is an ideal choice for e-commerce companies that need extra protection for their products that they send. Our offer includes standard 85gsm FSC solid cardboard and extra-strong 140gsm FSC solid cardboard envelopes.

Paper/bubble envelopes EXTRA strong are made of the highest quality opaque PE coated paper and filled with multilayer 60gsm PE bubble wrap to protect your shipment from damage and moisture as efficiently as possible. If necessary, is equipped with a special closing system (strong closure, lock hole and transparent adhesive strip).

Classic paper/bubble envelopes is available in two colors (white and natural brown) and in ten standard sizes. Envelopes are also available with an opening bar with perforation for easier opening. At the edges of the envelopes there are strong welds for better keeping the package in shape and protecting it from deformation. FSC Certified Paper. Security envelopes are our best-selling products, for the safe shipping of small and medium-sized items.

Description of materials: paper or solid cardboard envelopes contain at least 70% recycled paper and min. 40% recycled PE film. Adhesive strips permanent or repeatedly closed. The materials are reusable.


Minimum order quantity 50pcs. We print on warehouse products using the digital printing method (CMYK). From 5000pcs flexo printing, for this we need printed circuit boards. Pantone, CMYK.

Paper bags with closure – also known as gift bags, security bags, screw bags, closure bags, flat bags or folding bags. At Plastrum, you can purchase high-quality and robust bags with closure in various sizes and designs directly from the manufacturer. From inexpensive standard variants to individualised special solutions, we offer you a wide selection of products for a wide variety of sectors, such as DIY stores, retail, mail order, industry and many more. The ecological aspect is particularly important to us for all packaging.

Folding/gusset bag with closure

Smallest size: 6 x 2,5 x 14 cm
Largest size: 38 x 16 x 68 cm
Standard sizes:

11 x 4 x 21 cm
11 x 6 x 24 cm
14 x 6 x 28 cm
15 x 7 x 35 cm
20 x 7 x 42 cm
(All sizes width x gusset x length)

Flat bags with closure

Smallest size: 6 x 14 cm
Largest size: 38 x 68 cm
Standard sizes:

12 x 18 cm
17 x 24 cm
23 x 35 cm
30 x 40 cm
(All sizes width x length)

Standard qualities:

white kraft paper
brown kraft paper (optionally greaseproof or tightly ribbed)
white recycling paper
wet-strength brown recycled paper
white greaseproof paper
brown greaseproof paper
white greaseproof glassine paper
solid cardboard


up to 6 colors inline
up to 8 colors in pre-printing


1-ply or 2-ply
adhesive strip on the front
adhesive strip on the flap

PE- film courier envelopes – one or two color Bi- Color LDPE (white/black) from 3’000pcs (with or without print) These bags are used to securely store important documents and packages during transportation. Messenger bags made of thick PE or Bi-colored PE film with 2*15mm adhesive strips and perforation or one 20mm antistatic adhesive strip, pocket bill, serial number or barcode.

We offer PE envelopes also from recycled material if you want: 20+, 40+, 80+ % in composition.

Possible sizes – Width 15-60cm / Height 20-60cm / Flap 3-6cm. You can ask for your special size! Thickness 30-70micron

Adhesive tape: resealable or permanent 12mm, 15mm, 2*15mm or antistatic 20mm

Perforation if you want to make it easier to open.

Special material, grades and sizes are available on request.

We also offer paper envelopes with PE foam contents and 3-D paper honeycomb envelopes. The latest new product is postal envelopes upholstered with sheep’s wool!

“We hope that every customer will perceive our company as a worthy partner for long-term cooperation, as we strive to ensure that our products are always of the highest quality.”

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