Machine stretch

Machine stretch

Automatic packing “Stretch” film

The packaging film “Stretch” for equipment is usually used in semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrapping machines and lines, where fast work and modern cargo packing are required. Equipment packaging film “Stretch” is selected in accordance with the specification of the equipment and the characteristics of the product. Depending on whether it is a horizontal or vertical wrapping machine, whether a high winding speed or strong compression is required, etc. According to the technical characteristics, the following parameters of the equipment packaging film are selected:

film thickness: from 9 to 35 microns;

film extension (stretching):

100% – for standard semi-automatic equipment with mechanical or electromagnetic brakes;
150% – for semi-automatic machines with the possibility of stretching the film up to 150%, as well as in places where different and/ or sharp products need to be packed on the same pallet;
250% – high-power “Stretch” film is intended for high-quality semi-automatic and automatic equipment, suitable for both vertical and horizontal wrapping machines;
300% and above – an ultra-flexible film designed for optimal efficiency, can be used in new generation equipment.
Stretched (pre-streched) film: from 6 to 10 microns thick. This film does not have a particularly high stretching coefficient (20-60%) and is used in standard semi-automatic equipment with mechanical or electromagnetic brakes.

film width: from 100 mm to 500 mm;

paper roll: without roll, 38 mm, 51 mm, 76 mm;

colors: transparent, black, white, special color to order;

other additives are possible: UV stabilization, stickiness on the other hand, sticky on both sides;

Special film: certified for contact with food.

For pallets of products, the storage – transportation of which requires ventilation to protect them from the formation of condensate, an excellent alternative is the mesh (perforated) foil. Contact: