Plastic bags, shopping bags …

Plastic bags, shopping bags …


A plastic bag is a great tool to pack your company’s products or souvenirs in a presentable and sustainable way. A particularly elegant impression is made by handmade bags, which are reinforced with cardboard both at the top and at the bottom of the bag. To give a particularly striking impression, in addition to this, it is also possible, for example, to rivet the holes of the cord, add colored ribbons or cords. This means that these plastic bags suffer from enough weight.

The plastic bag is also great for events, packing souvenirs in bags. In addition to the fact that plastic bags can be selected from several models, you can also order plastic bags with personal printing. Logos and other designs can be printed on machine-made plastic bags as well as on handmade plastic bags. Some additional options for plastic bags are: matte or glossy lamination or paper-touch varnishing, ribbons of different shades and widths and cords, glue strips, locks, etc.

Printing Pantone + CMYK.

A plastic bag is great for selling takeaway food to food outlets, for example.

Today it is popular to purchase a plastic bag from recycled materials. This is not only with the aim of being environmentally friendly, but it also largely shows customers the company’s values, whether and how much they care about being as sustainable as possible in their business. Film materials are easy to recycle, so it does not remain in nature for hundreds of years. At Plastrum, we also use recycled film, adding 20-80% of it to the standard virgine material, you can be sure that our plastic bags are made completely sustainably, the material is 100% recyclable. In addition, a plastic bag often looks more elegant and luxurious than a paper bag.

Plastic bags can be ordered in different sizes, depending on whether the bags are needed for packaging small things such as jewelry, or in larger sizes. Plastic packaging can also be suspended, it is convenient to use, and most importantly, various packages do not take up the necessary space for work at your point of sale. A large selection guarantees that the plastic bags that are most suitable for your company or event can be found in Plastrum. Don’t wait any longer, order plastic bags with personal printing that offer the customer a memorable experience.

Write to us today and together we will find the most suitable plastic packaging for you, which is presumably made of recycled material!

T-shirt handle, ribbons/cords, arm opening, reinforced arm opening, plastic ribbons, PVC pipe/handles

MOQ 5000pcs of t-shirt handles and arm opening. Backpacks 3000pcs.

Extra strong plastic bags: 100microns HDPE or 120microns LDPE, reinforced top and bottom. Min. quantity 1000pcs.

Materials we use: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Ecomater (compostable) or Recycled.

Shades of material: white, transparent or 20 extra shades

Use of recycled material: We add 20, 40, 80, 80+ % to the composition

Printing method: Flexo up to 10, CMYK

Extras: cords, ribbons, print inside side folds, loose or punch/hanging, riveted openings, plastic handles, top and bottom reinforcement

Dimensions: from 18/6x30cm to 50/12x70cm. Ask for more!

More and more people are asking about recycled films and their quality. How clean is the tone of color when the film is white? The tone is not as clean as the virgine material, and it also has a certain peculiar smell. Before ordering packaging from recycled material, be sure to plan in advance. Whether its transparency is enough to surround your product, and whether its kind of smell will not bother the end user later. This material is definitely not recommended for hygiene products, as well as body wash packaging. However, for example, for packaging wood pellets and compost soil and other manufactured goods. This is an economical choice! It is good to have on the packaging the relevant information from which it is made.

What we do for the environment: we collect plastic materials for recycling and recycle, we use rainwater + solar and wind energy. We will add the relevant information to your packaging if its design allows it!

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