Paper Bags

Machine made paper bag

Handles: twisted or flat paper, cords, die-cuts.

J-CUT – the top of the bag is reversed, the fastening of the handles is hidden. The standard machine produced paper bag has a sharp edge, and the handles are glued in with a separate paper spot. A little safer and distinctive is the J-CUT, a paper bag with a reversed top edge and no attachment to the handles.

Materials: White or Brown kraft paper 70-130gsm, FSC certified paper, Recycled, Paptic 110gsm

Printing methods and MOQ: Flexo printing from 2000pcs special order (orient. 30days delivery), digital printing from 50pcs (for warehouse products 7 days delivery)

Extras: Matt or gloss laminated, printed inside the bag, colored handles …

Bottom: max width 33cm (PIZZA)


Handmade paper bags

Handles: cords, ribbons (+logo), arm opening, extra ribbons

The usual handmade paper bag is reversed with the upper edge. Reinforcements are cardboard, both at the top and at the bottom of the bag. Handles are cords or ribbons tied to a knot or glued under turned top. Material: Polyester, Cotton, … different size and color!

Materials: White/Brown/Black kraft paper 170-300gsm, Coated paper, FSC certified paper, Recycled paper

Printing method and MOQ: Offset print from 50pcs per size (photoquality print)

Extras: Matt or gloss laminate, UV varnish, bag inner printing, double laces, textile lock, hot stants (silver and gold), embossed, riveting openings, ropes, ribbons (NEW! ribbons with logos)

Handmade paper bags: order from 50pcs

50 – 1 000 pieces: 5 to 7 days

2.000 – 10 000 pieces: 2 weeks

10 000 and more: 3-4 weeks

Delivery times are: Truck needs 8-14 days for the delivery to all destinations.

Express Air TNT or DHL needs 1-2 working days.

Ask for an offer:  Tel +3725140521  Mr. Berni Valge

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